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This is the Wiki for an Upcoming Project called Planetary! Planetary is a game I am hoping to create soon. I have not started any production on the game as I am building up a storyline, so pages on here might be changed every once and a while.

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  • new page Outpost 117
    created by Tzilla98
    New page: Add a photo Outpost 117 is the first outpost seen in the Planetary games. It is introduced in the first Planetary. It is located in Orlando, Florida....
  • new page Drone
    created by Tzilla98
    New page: Add a photo The Drone is a heavy artillery and tank for the Defiant. It can hold up to four units. One to drive and fire the main cannon, one to fire...
  • new page Polisher
    created by Tzilla98
    New page: Add a photo The Polisher is a land vehicle for the Defiant. It is relatively similar to the USNA Hasslehog. It can carry up to three units. One...
  • new page Crystals
    created by Tzilla98
    New page: Add a photo The crystals are a power source used by the Defiant to power certain weapons. These crystals can be found on any planet, but are more...

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  • new page Crystal
    created by Tzilla98
    New page: Add a photo Crystal is a planet in the Planetary Universe. It is the first planet, other than Earth, known to sustain life. Crystal was found in...
  • new page Nano-Armor V.1.0
    created by Tzilla98
    New page: Add a photo The Nano-Armor V.1.0 is the basic armor of the Nano-Soldiers. It allows them to move quickly. This suit also gives them more protection...
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